The foundation of fitness and sport conditioning has a simple combination:

In discussing exercise motivation, it is clear that we like low effort and quick results. So, strength training is one the most effective ways to conquer initial results while enhance cardio-respiratory level (walking, jogging, running, bike, elliptical, treadmill, etc).

Dr. Segar talks about ways to motivate people to see these quick results and make them a habit. In addition, to quick results, one can invest on laying the foundation for continued and lifelong enjoyment. Know where you stand on the above five foundation level, and challenge yourself to the best (based on fitness assessment protocol from The Coooper Institute).

The audio below from SiriusX Doctor Radio is an interview from the Primary Medicine on which the host talks to Dr. Segar. They asked for listeners to call and I made a quick call. Listen below to my question and Dr. Segar’s response. Also, listen to other callers about their own way to motivate themselves and their vision on stay active and getting in shape. Enjoy!